Organizational Transformation and Change Management

At the heart of an effective organization is successful execution. The ability to analyze organizational dynamics and develop strategies to transform an enterprise is essential to achieving sustained competitiveness for our clients. Our practitioners have analyzed and addressed issues ranging from large-scale business transformation, crisis management, cost reduction, inventory control, supply chain management and business process re-engineering. Our ability to appreciate the breadth of an organization, quickly understand all the changing dynamics and apply fact based analysis to issues management teams face uniquely positions us for delivering immediate value in complex environments.

Large-scale change programs present great opportunities but are also inherently risky. Research has shown that 70 percent of all major change initiatives fail because the people-related aspects are not addressed effectively.  Complex change programs require extensive cooperation across organizational “silos,” and imply dramatic changes in the way business is done. Throughout our engagements, Obscidion will assist in the transformation of organization and culture.  Consistent with our Balanced Scorecard methodology, our organizational change management professionals will first assist in developing a comprehensive Organizational Change Management Plan, Organizational and Human Capital Design and a Communications and Outreach Plan. The plans will be specifically linked to the strategic framework of the organization and include targeted recommendations related to owner alignment and the human capital needs related to addressing the cultural gaps, skills gaps, knowledge transfer goals, and knowledge transfer recommendations needed to support the organization.