Program Integration/Project Management

High-quality program integration and project management services are key to the success of all projects and services provided to our clients. Our belief is that by providing strong program management skills, independent of any conflicts of interest, we can provide critical program oversight for our clients.

Obscidion’s approach to Project Management consulting services involve tasks related to managing and controlling the different phases of program initiatives to ensure on time, within budget delivery.  Obscidion management consultants have experience managing large complex projects and major change programs for both commercial and government organizations.  Our specific Program Management Office (PMO), Program Integration and Project Management services include significant work in designing and implementing Earned Value Management-based project management:

  • Project Management: Obscidion introduces consistent project-level management methodology that incorporates best-practices, reports, definition of milestones and deliverables and integration with budget and performance management processes to quantify overall project impact on organizational performance. Central to this support is the development of a management endorsed WBS which defines the various “work streams” for the team’s service delivery and provides a management framework for Obscidion to organize and manage the project task areas, activities and subsequent deliverables. We emphasize consistent management of project risks, issues management and change management via collaboration and facilitation.
  • Program Management: By establishing a strategic Program Management Office (PMO) Obscidion facilitates collaboration and synchronization across multiple projects, organizations and resources.   The PMO structure fosters clear communication of complex projects, campaigns of related projects, integrates initiatives, and defines systems of accountability, risk management and performance. Our PMO assist clients in developing and managing integrated costs, schedules and resources against program and strategic plans across complex enterprise initiatives.
  • Portfolio Management: Obscidion takes conventional project and program management to the next level by introducing the portfolio management discipline. Portfolio management will allow our clients to synchronize and prioritize an entire portfolio of activities (projects, investments, assets, etc.); links business activities to program and strategic plans, minimizes investment risk, and reports progress on an enterprise level.  Obscidion implements portfolio management tools and techniques that help reduce costs by identifying low value, non-strategic, redundant, or poorly performing assets and projects; increase return on investment through improved selection, prioritization, sequencing, and governance of activities; optimize the use of critical resources by focusing on investments that are most valuable to the mission; and achieve strategic advantage by reducing the time required to realign investment, project portfolios with rapidly changing mission needs.
  • Risk Management: Our risk management approach is centered on the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risk followed by coordinated and prioritized application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of undesirable events.  Risks can come from uncertainty in technology, project/initiative failure, or economic/financial risk.