Welcome to The Obscidion Group

The Obscidion Group, LLC, is a business and management consultancy whose mission is to provide measurable, sustainable, and dramatic business results.  We work with Commercial and Federal agency leadership to provide the advisory services organizations need to achieve their strategic performance objectives.  We accomplish this by first gathering data and subsequently exploring, measuring, and shaping issues which impact performance. Our analysis-driven recommendations steer our client organizations towards higher performance, increased stakeholder satisfaction, and achieved objectives.  Our dynamic management consultants are strategic thinkers who bring world class analysis, industry insights, and innovative solutions that produce measurable outcomes for our clients.

Organizations seek strategic partners that possess the skills and expertise to advance their goals and mission. Strategic partners must possess proven management expertise to drive the scope of mission requirements in a way that will be effective, efficient, and predictable for the array of internal and external stakeholders.  Partners must be able to liaise among stakeholders, impacted communities, and subject matter experts to resolve issues, set priorities, and communicate to maintain effective relationships to advance their mission.  This represents Obscidion’s core competency.

Our belief is that business strategy is best enabled through the meaningful alignment of strategy, organization, business process, and technology.  Organizations require coherent, holistic solutions and recommendations that have long-term impact. We work in partnership with our clients to identify and seize opportunities to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and improve performance.  The collective capabilities of our team coupled with our ability to work with all levels of organizational execution enable us to transform a strategic vision into reality for our clients.  The Obscidion Group provides mission support through an array of business services; bringing innovative thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic frameworks, and implementation capabilities to our clients.  Our corporate values and the benefits we deliver to our client base include:

Built on a strong heritage of independent thinking, we stand by and for unbiased advice. We take our responsibility to act in the best interests of our clients very seriously, ensuring transparency in our analysis and relevance in our strategic recommendations. As an independent advisory firm, we offer institutions the reassurance of longevity and expertise in managing long-term mandates.

We view all our clients—commercials, Federal, and nonprofit organizations—through an objective lens. Our aim is to build goal-oriented recommendations that reflect specific situations. To become and stay informed, we engage with our clients regularly to maintain an understanding of their specific needs and priorities as they evolve.

We are continually consulting with our clients, among our team, and with our clients’ other advisers to help ensure strong integration and collaboration. By coordinating objectives and strategies, everyone is better able to weigh circumstances, navigate nuances and impact results.

We are disciplined in our operations to gain not only efficiencies but also insight. We employ advanced technology and proven processes to streamline every aspect of our business. Equally as important, this forward-thinking approach allows us to actively uncover trends and opportunities that address our clients’ objectives.

We are active and far-reaching in our pursuit of new consultants. Our recruitment staff searches for and interviews management consulting talent throughout the year to maintain a broad perspective on the universe of candidates as well as the overall market. Independent thinkers, we provide unbiased recommendations focused on finding the best consultants to advise our client base. Our rigorous process includes in-depth quantitative and qualitative evaluations and continuous due diligence.