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Accounts International’s Strategic Tax Planning Advisory Service counsels individuals and small business clients on individual and corporate tax planning, tax return preparation, and audit issues. Additionally, we advise clients about personal/business deductions, the timing of transactions, the proper form of business entity (Partnerships, C corporations, S corporations, LLCs), and the operation and administration of the tax aspects and reporting of business and capital transactions. Our clients include aggressive start-up companies, established closely held businesses, wealthy individuals and family practices. With the passing of each new Congressional tax act, it becomes more and more difficult for the average person to efficiently prepare their returns to take advantage of available credits and deductions. Planning is imperative to reducing your taxes and ensuring full utilization of existing tax benefits. Though U.S. tax laws are complex and changing, there are tax planning strategies that can ensure that individuals and business owners don’t pay more than is required or alternatively underpay and risk being audited.

Our perspective is that comprehensive strategic tax planning is an ongoing and continuous process rather than a hurried, reactive process of steps taken at the very end of the tax year. One of the best ways to minimize these obligations is strategic tax planning throughout the year based on your goals and sound business and personal financial practices. Planning is imperative because once the year closes, it is generally too late to go back and reverse a tax implication occurrence.

Our process begins with meeting with a member of our professional staff to discuss your current tax status, potential tax effects of you or your business’ activities, and developing effective tax planning strategies based on your needs. Through our process of customized financial modeling, we are able to develop year-by-year tax projections. Through our consultative process, we are constantly aligned with your personal goals and objectives as well as new alternatives dictated by tax laws. We will meet with you periodically throughout the tax year so that you stay informed of your projected tax situation and so we can address your issues and questions. Our tax accountants will work with you through-out the year to look for savings that will help you to take advantage of tax laws that will minimize your tax burden.

During the tax season you return(s) will be professionally prepared. If the need arises and the IRS or other taxing authority contacts you via notice or phone, we will gladly represent you before any of these agencies so you can concentrate on your business and personal affairs.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]